Series 1

Policy ID - 1018656a869c94433567ee9f6190a467605f9f7b6ded220031d9febc (VERY important to make sure your CNFT is authentic!)

Mint Date Range - 4/22/2021 - 5/8/2021 (5/10/2021 for Shower Thoughts)

Series 1 of Corn ‘n Friends released on 4/22/2021 on the Corn ‘n Friends Twitter account. Series 1 consisted of 6 characters from the Corn Universe with 1 hidden character (Corn Cob)

Corn ‘n Friends is proud to be one of the original CNFT projects offering instant delivered CNFTs with a transaction. Releasing less than a month after the famous SpaceBudz project, we at Corn ‘n Friends made it our mission to offer a buying experience that was as close to this ground-breaking project as possible.

Collectors who managed to get all 6 standards (001-006) in their wallets prior to 5/8/2021 were rewarded with the Shower Thoughts CNFT Short by TheRealCornelius.

The final mint counts are as follows, this is all that exists of Series 1.
NFT Name NFT Number Total Minted
Corny Cornbutt 001 39
Stanky Leg 002 37
Scoot Scoot 003 42
Nuggy Flex 004 42
Best Pals 005 39
Kick Flippy 006 43
Corn Cob (Secret Character) 011 1
Rare Scoot Scoot 016 1
Shower Thoughts (Bonus NFT) 020 24

Series 1 Public Policy Script

"scripts": [
"keyHash": "7cd07e5b9386610e704a4f29431be54d93ca4d3f55d4423c0ff87909",
"type": "sig"
"slot": 41034995,
"type": "before"
"type": "all"